William Neale

 Since 2010, William Neale has been a MSF Certified Motorcycle Instructor teaching students safe handling and operation of motorcycles for T3RG. Mr. Neale has completed the Total Control Advanced Rider’s Course as well as the Level I and Level 2 Motorcycle Accident Scene Management courses.

Mr. Neale currently is a member of Colorado’s Motorcycle Operator Safety Advisory Board, representing the community of Colorado Motorcycle Instructors by voicing their interests and concerns.

Mr. Neale is an Accident Reconstructionist, certified by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction and was trained in accident reconstruction for vehicles and motorcycles at Northwestern Universities Center for Public Safety. Since 2007, Mr. Neale has tested motorcycles for handling, cornering, and braking and visibility, and has ongoing peer reviewed research in the area of motorcycle and vehicle accidents.

willam neale on his bike


william neale and crash dummy