What’s in our Name?

Ever wonder what T3RG means? Well, to explain the name T3RG is to tell you something about our company, now celebrating 11 years in Colorado providing the highest quality motorcycle training available for any level of rider.

T stands for Training…makes sense because that is what we offer at T3RG Motorcycle Schools.

R stands for Riding…what you want to learn to do or learn to do better.

G stands for Group…you are joining a community of energetic and exciting folks who ride on two wheels. There are many types of riders and many communities of people interested in the sport of motorcycling and scootering.

One thing they all have in common…a desire to live life fully!

Check out the people you see out riding…have you ever seen so many smiles!?!

Now…how about the T3 part?

Well, the three t’s stand for Training, which we deliver; Technology, which is designed into motorcycles you ride; and Talent, which you bring to the sport and improve upon in our classes!

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