Wendy Ratliff


I’ve been riding in colorful Colorado since 1989. My HD FXR and I have shared 110,000 miles together and I hope we will have many more.

In 2004 I trained to become a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructor with T3RG and have been teaching ever since.

Whether people choose to explore the world on two wheels, or just commute to work on a scooter, it’s been a pleasure and a satisfaction in my life to introduce folks to the sport.

My goal is to train them to become the best possible rider they can be in today’s ever so challenging roads. The learning never ends. The beauty of riding is you can never be “too good of a rider” for those of us who choose it we share a camaraderie that demands skill and respect. Above all else we insist on having fun!

Challenge yourself! Take a class!

Shiny side up!