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T3RG Motorcycle Schools Class Testimonials

BRC Testimonials:

October, 2018

I just wanted to mention what a great experience I had. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course. The classroom was good at motorcycle depot, the driving area was great, and away from onlookers in traffic, as well as hooligans that might yell something.

The motorcycles were all operating well, as best I could tell.

The curriculum was great and what someone like myself would say “baby steps” formatted. It was slow paced and built confidence as it progressed.

It was clear and was done as well as I can imagine.

I feel much better prepared for emergencies, and also know a lot more things I need to be doing to practice consistently.

I also wanted to compliment Ty. He was really great. I thoroughly enjoyed having him as an instructor.  It was obvious he really was trying to help us all, and to cover the coursework, but also advocate for all of us. He mentioned not leaving a helmet on a bike seat for instance and used it as a teachable moment for all of us, when one person in the class did it. He did it in a way not to criticize but to mention it could be an expensive mistake.

He made the class fun and informative, and was a real asset to your company. He was cheerful and obviously knew his stuff.

I would gladly recommend your school to any of my friends, family and colleagues. Though I’m sure all your instructors are great, I would also recommend Ty to them knowing what a great job he did for my class.

I run a small business and appreciate meaningful feedback so I wanted to share that with you. Thank you for your time and keep up the great work .I’ll likely be back for another course in the spring to solidify good habits and learn more with my own motorcycle.



February 19 & 20, 2017

Thanks for accommodating me on the Rebel the other day. It was a totally different experience! I took mine out this morning for my first ride (spent Tuesday morning at the DMV) and I did pretty good. Got her up to 40 mph. Thank you! You guys kick a**!                                      Leanne


December 4-5, BRC 2016 class

I took the Basic Rider Course with T3RG and their trainer, Pete, to earn my motorcycle endorsement. It was a great experience and worth every penny.

My knowledge and riding level was above some in the class and below others, and Pete did a great job of adapting to everyone and making sure we all were both challenged and successful.

I highly recommend this company, trainer and program to anyone wanting to be safer on the street and become more skillful at handling motorcycles.

Thanks Pete, Colleen and T3RG.



I took the T3RG MSF course with you July 4th weekend. I wanted to thank you for your instruction. Since the class I bought a bike – a well equipped Suzuki V-Strom 650 – and have logged about 1100 miles on it this last month, including a trip to Durango on the Million Dollar Highway. You definitely got me off on the right foot.

Thanks again,  Hank


T3RG Instructor Foils a Bad Guy! Last weekend a car thief parked in a lot across from where a Basic Rider Course was underway. One of the instructors was mentoring another instructor; practicing the situational awareness taught in every BRC course, the instructor contacted local police after the driver asked him to assist in hot wiring the car…lost key being the reason. Lo and behold, the car was stolen; police arrested the culprit on the spot; the instructor was commended for his awareness and right action under the circumstances. Way to go the extra mile and why you can expect more at T3RG Motorcycle Schools. Another great example of why I am so proud of our T3RG instructors!


Total Control ARC Testimonial:

Curt & Michael were awesome. Great instructors & a good sense of humor. Easy to talk to & learn from. As long as I have been riding I did not know I what I didn’t know until this class with Total Control.
Curt told me about the 1 day race tech course in Ca. & I may try it out.

Thank you to all of you,

Jack B

Thank you so much for my hot chocolate Saturday! I also wanted to say thank you for Dave Pickens. What a gem he is! He demonstrates all of the quality that a good instructor has. He is kind and approachable. Multiple times he made comparisons to his work and practice as a motorcycle officer, reminding me this all takes work. He actively listens repeats back, and heard my questions. As a relative novice and woman rider, he made sure to not condescend to me. And as my teacher, he not only demonstrated that he could teach, but that he could do.

I highly recommend this class Dave Pickens as an instructor.

Testimonial from recent BRC Student:
I just completed the Basic Rider Course with Michael Fales as the instructor. What a great experience! I’m a physician, and so my learning “style” may not be typical for most of your students; however, Michael was fantastic and stayed on me to instill good riding techniques.I can’t imagine anyone riding a motorcycle without a skill set that your course provides, and I particularly want to acknowledge Michael as an outstanding instructor. I likely will be using t3rg in the future for more instruction.Thanks again.
Steven K. MD
Please pass along my best to Wendy. I had a great time in the class late summer and completely appreciated her bringing me back up to speed on the basic skills. She is a great instructor and clearly a dedicated enthusiast for the sport. Though I have been a rider most of my life there is nothing better than reviewing and practicing the basics of motorcycle handling. Shortly after the class I picked up my CO endorsement and headed off on a ten day motorcycle / backpacking trip with a nephew. We took a pair of BMW 800 GS Adventures from Las Vegas NV to Central Idaho, taking as many backroads as we could find and taking in several national parks and plenty of wilderness areas too. Those 10 days and 1,500 plus miles were some of the best of the summer for me. Thanks again for upping my confidence level on a bike.
Richard H.
Dr Ashour is a very known individual with his exceptional skills among the bikers’ community in Saudi. I was inspired by him to join the training at first to enhance my slow riding skills and bike handling on low speeds. The training added much more to my skills than I expected.
1- enhance the use of my visual sight to creat awareness of my surroundings
2- on slow speeds I feel like a pro around those cones and ready to go around them with confidence
3- better use of my breaking skills actually iv never thought I would explore this side of my bike the way I did in the course which helped me realize the capacity and limits of my brakes.
All-in-all this course is a must for all bikers and definitely I will take another one as a refresher or if I changed my bike.
Regards, Rakan Al Sharekh


There are very few places in my life where I have received SUPERB care but every aspect of my experience in getting my motorcycle license with this company was PHENOMENAL!
Colleen was very responsive to every call, text, or email and she did so in a consistent timely manner.  She was patient and assisting in rescheduling my class when the weather prevented the class dates and when my work schedule interfered.
DEREK….my Basic Rider Instructor, was very professional and down to earth.  He was knowledgeable and entertaining which made my class fun.  I am a 45 year old female and my class consisted of myself and two young men early 20s who had prior motorcycle riding experience.  He was able to bridge the age and gender gap engaging all three of us.  As a newbie to riding, he took the time to answer questions, and helped me figured out the basics like how to put my helmet on properly..lol.  He encouraged and coached in a thorough manner.  It was truly refreshing to be taught by Derek. I thank both Colleen and Derek for their time and effort!
I feel prepared and safe and just today got my motorcycle endorsement!  Woot woot!!
I will definitely recommend this class and will go back soon to take a following course…Basic Rider 2 !
Kudos to a well run riding program …..may they be an example for how other businesses are run.
Tiffany T.


Having ridden motorcycles for years, I decided to take the BRC2 course for a “little tune-up”. However, I surprised to discover I was in for a BIG tune-up.

Our instructor for the day was Jon. Due to his approach and expert level technical skill, I came away feeling much more prepared for emergency maneuvers and handling my bike in tight situations.

Jon is highly organized, very supportive of riders of all skill levels, engaging, and an extremely talented and skilled rider.

I would recommend the BRC2 to anyone, regardless of the number of miles/hours they have on a bike. Steve D


When you sign up here you will be required to perform “homework”.. It is a well written book with questions at the back. Upon arrival at the class our instructor Michael met us and took us to a classroom at Range-View High School. Michael had a class of 8 of all different skill levels. Over the course he did a great job of making sure we all understood all facets of the exercise. I personally also appreciate the fact that T3RG isn’t a license factory…. just because you pay the money doesn’t mean you are going to pass. This gave me confidence that they are turning out people that will be able to navigate the road. Thank you Michael and T3RG. Joe S


I had been considering taking the Civilian Top Gun class for several years. I kept putting it off until I bought a 2012 Ultra Classic.  This bike was just different enough (from my 2003 Ultra) that it pushed me to take the class and figure out why I was having some difficulty handling the bike.

 During the first part of the course I figured out that the rake, the throttle by wire and clutch were just different enough to cause me some issues. Everything is much more responsive on the 2012 as compared to the 2003.  Bob Ucman, our instructor, actually took the bike through some of the course and I saw that it was operating exactly like it should.  Once I got the friction zone figured out on this bike I started to learn the capabilities and handling characteristics. By noon I was going through the exercises with much more confidence.  By the end of the day I was able to put the bike in slow sharp turns that I didn’t think possible with a 900 lb. bike.
It was because of Bob, his teaching style and knowledge that I rode away with a new found skill level on my bike.  If you’re thinking of taking a Civilian Top Gun class I would highly recommend T3RG and Bob Ucman.  You’ll be happy you did.  Mark R

I just wanted to email you and tell you what a GREAT class this was. I spoke with you before registration and explained my issues with riding 2 up and you recommended the Total Control Class 1 for me. The first drill I did was a mess. I managed to be all over the place, tense and not trusting myself or the bike, (typical). By the end of the day, (I still need to practice a bit), I was confidently shifting my weight, hanging off the bike to lean into turns and performing all the drills confidently. 

On my way home, I just felt so different and confident knowing that my bike can easily and safely perform turns, u-turns, tight circles and leans. I not only didn’t fear them anymore, I was looking forward to turning opportunities to practice my new skills. Plus it is a lot more fun not being fearful of messing up and dumping the bike. The instructors were fantastic.

Ron S


KUDOS from Zach – The ‘303’ Hooligan

The class I took, with Sue Deiss, was very educational and fun. Sue is a Great teacher and she seems to take a lot of pride in teaching others about the in’s and out’s of riding. Since the class, I made it to DMV (same day) and added the M endorsement to my license..Needless to say, I have Been riding everyday the weather allows me to… I have recommended the class to a few other friends and family members and they are looking into taking it very soon. Nothing beats a piece of mind of having been given the tools to ride the roads safely! Thank you Sue! Keep up the great work!! Keep the rubber side down!


I had the privilege to attend, participate and complete T3RG’s Motorcycle Training with Instructor Steve Moore on March 22 & 23 2014.  Steve did an awesome job in communicating the information to the class. When the practice maneuvers began on the course, there was a lot of nervous emotion. Steve was very good at easing those emotions. In my opinion, each participant, relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the class.

It was very cold on Saturday, but Steve kept us on the course for as long as it was safe before postponing and a plan made to communicate with Steve and all seven participants for the next days plan regarding the weather. It turned out to be acceptable weather on Sunday. I was very impressed with the curriculum, hands on training and Steve.

I was also very impressed with the ease of scheduling and also the information given as to the expectations, location and contact information.

THANK-YOU T3RG. (got my license this morning!!! yeah!)  B. Churchwell


Just wanted to say thanks. Andrew is a fantastic instructor…knowledgeable, patient, thorough, and friendly. I had a blast! Thanks again!  Charles F. January 2014

I wanted to send you a thank you note for your Basic Rider Course 2 I attended on Sunday, October 13th at Gateway High School in Aurora. I received some helpful information and instruction that has already made me a better rider. Michael Failes’ riding experience helped all of us in the class understand certain principles of riding we had never considered. He had complete and clear answers to all our questions, and the fact that he could negotiate all the test courses on his monstrous touring bike gave us all the confidence we needed to believe we could accomplish the tasks on our much smaller motorcycles.
The basic rider course 2 is perfect for those of us who have done a lot of off road biking and know how to handle a motorcycle to prepare us for our transition to road biking. Thank you again for offering this course and I won’t hesitate to recommend it to any of my friends should they have the need.  Jim S.


I finally picked up My Baby on June 1st . *Happy Dance*…I am having a wonderful time , exploring, riding and learning. Everything that I was taught has been put into use , plus the extra hints and advice the instructor gave us. I have already put 500 miles on her and we are getting to know each other and the road .

Enjoying rides at dusk , through farm towns , mountains towns and city riding , etc. Thank you for a great course.  It gave me the knowledge I need to gain confidence on the road and to keep myself and other safe . Blessed be. ~ Mirella P


The class was straight forward and to the point. I believe it was Kent that was the instructor if you could confirm that as I will be sending my 17 year old son to take your course Spring of 2014.

Please keep up the good work!!  Mark H.


I am responding to your feed back request. I just purchased a 2005 Yamaha V star classic 1100. I have only been out on it about 4 times. I have even gone back to where I took the class and practiced some of the things we were taught.
So far I’m having a great time. the class was awesome, thanks for the basics and for giving me all the right things to think about. Jerry D


I enjoyed the class very much. I’m not sure what I would change if anything. Bob was very good. He could do everything he wanted us to do on his huge Harley. I can definitely make tighter turns than ever before. I did drop my bike twice and so did Paul, one of the other students. It was rather a steep learning curve for me and really took me out of my comfort range, but I don’t know how else it could be taught. You just have to be willing to try things you’ve never done before. Take care,  Lloyd H…after completing the Civilian Top Gun Course

If I hadn’t taken the T3RG Total Control ARC course I wouldn’t be here to talk about my accident.  The course allowed me to have the maneuverability to “almost” make it around the stopped patrol car that was in the middle of the left hand lane.

The speed limit on the interstate is 75mph.  Bruce was riding left side of the left hand lane, I was to the right.  By the time we realized the car was stopped (after cresting a hill), Bruce made it around the car, I could not go right. I had to travel the entire lane to try to make it around.  Did I?  Missed by about 3 inches.  My side bag caught the back car bumper.  I ended up with a broken right leg and fractured left leg.

If I had not had the Total Control ARC course, I would have hit the patrol car head on.  There is no doubt in my mind that I would have had life threatening injuries without this course. The BMW dealership in Boise, said that they had never seen a bike with that much damage without a fatality.  Did I have angels?  Yes…….Total Control ARC instructors.  So thank you again. Thanks again for the info and for the great class! Miranda Sanders

The first class was fantastic. Your instructors did a great job, especially with those of us who were first time riders. I went to DMV that Friday to get a new license. I’d also like to mention that the class really changed my confidence level! When I went to buy gloves before the class began I was nearly afraid to walk into a shop and ask where the gloves were. Afterwards I’ve been able to walk right in and talk to the salesperson as if I knew what I was asking about. The owner of Pick-A-Part asked if the noise bothered me as there were two different bikes in the garage being revved up. I told him no, and then he said “You are not at all intimidated by any of this are you?” I told him that I was 46 years old and it was time for me to let myself have some fun. Thanks again for the info and for the great class! Patrica (Patricia is a lady who was very intimidated and fearful before the class started.)

I have been meaning to write since I took the class.  It was an AWESOME class.  I can not believe how comfortable I was on my bike especially since it was my very first time on a motorcycle.
Thanks for offering the great classes!!!
Darlene (Darlene spent years riding on the back of her husband’s bike)

I just wanted to let you know what a positive experience I had in the Beginner Class this week. I had some previous experience riding motorcycles, but never any formal training and I promised my father that I would take a safety class when I bought my new cycle. I was concerned that the beginner class would be too basic, but was happily wrong. Your instructors showed saint-like patience and their years of real life experience helped bring a well rounded perspective to the class which had a broad range of skill levels. They were both entertaining and informative, and I will actively recommend this class to friends who have not taken it. Thank you for the valuable instruction and a great experience.
Brett Burbridge

I keep forgetting to email you guys…just wanted to say that Wendy did a GREAT job during the basic class I took last month. I enjoyed the class even more because of her….so much so, that I’m going to enroll my girlfriend in one of the basic classes soon. Hopefully it will be Wendy teaching it at Fay Myers. Thank you for having such competent instructors and a quality course…I learned a lot.
Randy Williamson

Just wanted to drop a quick note to says thanks for helping me get registered for the class; I completed it yesterday and got my certification. I also wanted to personally let you know that our instructor was AWESOME! She was very patient and walked us through the classroom session and range drills in a lot of detail and gave constructive feedback throughout. Not only that, but she also answered all sorts of miscellaneous riding-related questions me and other people in my group had about riding gear, different bikes, riding etiquette etc. I know that too often we are quick to report on negative experiences with people but rarely acknowledge their good work, so I wanted to make sure I wrote to you about Wendy and just how great she is as an instructor. In fact, one of my co-workers who is planning to take the BRC this summer will specifically ask for her by name when registering. Regards.
Usman Asif 

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