MOST stops funding for motorcycle training in Colorado

MOST stops funding for motorcycle training in Colorado

The recent decision by the Motorcycle Operator Safety Training (MOST) staff to end the student subsidy for Basic Rider Course and Basic Rider Course2 courses will increase the costs to attend a motorcycle safety class. The MOST program is funded by fees paid by motorcyclists in Colorado when you title and register a motorcycle or pay for the ‘m’ endorsement on your driver’s license.

Since the MOST Program was established by legislative statute and once the agreement was in place for motorcyclists to pay a fee to support the MOST Program, funds have been distributed by MOST to the training schools that provide basic training, after the courses were completed. Surveys conducted by MOST indicated that price was not the determining factor for students attending a course. MOST has determined that the funds will be better used elsewhere. Motorcyclists who pay the fee to support the MOST program have not been asked whether they think it is a good idea to stop the subsidy. One thing appears certain; the price for motorcycle training to get the ‘m’ endorsement will increase throughout Colorado as a result of the decision to stop the subsidy for training and divert the funds the other projects.

Nonetheless, training will continue in Colorado, and the prices will increase to accommodate the loss of funds previously paid by MOST as a subsidy for students trained.

According to MOST staff, funds collected will now be used to contract with an outside firm to administer the training in Colorado, contract with experts to evaluate training programs, provide motorists and rider awareness campaigns and oversee the company contracted to administer the training.

What do you think about this decision to stop subsidizing training?

Are you aware that there was a student subsidy for the courses (BRC and BRC2) that earned a waiver for the endorsement?

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    One almost certain result of the removal of the MOST subsidy is license waiver classes will be more expensive for everyone in Colorado. MOST has not announced the end of the fees paid by motorcyclists for their bike plates or license endorsement…so, if the money will still be collected by the state agency…what are they going to spend it on instead of safety training?

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