Robin Johnson

Robin Johnson is a Colorado native, who like many in the west, started loving motorcycles as a kid riding in the dirt…for Robin it started when he was 9!  He has been riding motorcycles since he was 22 when he first earned his endorsement. He has traveled on two wheels extensively throughout the US and has been a regular at Laconia, Daytona, Laughlin and Sturgis rallies since the seventies. He rode Route 66 from beginning to end on a motorcycle.

He is as passionate about riding as he is about music; wrenching on bikes, cars and trucks; and in particular… being a stellar and involved grandad.

Robin enjoys riding with others…one of the driving forces behind his decision to become certified as an instructor for T3RG teaching the Motorcycle Safety Foundation updated curriculum. He looks forward to continuing to share his excitement for motorcycles, riding safely, and assisting others to become skilled riders through practice.