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what you need to know about Private Lessons

Private lessons are chosen for a variety of reasons. Some people prefer to learn in a private setting for the individual attention it provides. Others want to work on a specific set of challenges and do not want to try to accomplish that in a group setting.

Others simply want privacy for either personal reasons or complications that might arise from public, private or contractual, agreements.

main key features about this class

This class is individually tailored to your requirements.

Improve your Riding Experience

With personalized instruction you will be more efficient in achieveing your objectives.

develop optimal machine control
Learn and practice safety strategies for the road
Build your confidence


T3RG Certified Master Instructor

Instructors are individually assigned so their abilities, experience and approach is are a good fit for you.

hard work

Amazing results

fun and healthy

choose your time

3 Hour Minimum ($90/hr.)


7:00 - 12:00


07:00 - 12:00


13:00 - 18:00


13:00 - 18:00

important things

This class was designed for meeting the needs of all riders and is designed to meet your individual experience level. However, many riders choose this course to remind themselves of forgotten skills and to learn new strategies for addressing particular ares of interest or need.

You will need a helmet (either 3/4 or full-face and DOT or Snell approved. You will need sturdy boots that cover your ankle bones. You need long sleeves and sturdy jeans. You will need glasses if using a 3/4 helmet or riding with your face plate lifted using a full face helmet.

When you register for class you pay to secure your spot.

We have trained riders from 15 to 80. If you have any concerns call the office at 303-433-9424

We have many advanced classes that take you from a beginner to the ultimate Civilian Top Gun. Those include;

  • Basic Rider Course II
  • Intro Skills for Precision Riding
  • Fundamentals of Precision Riding
  • Advanced Precision Riding
  • Applied Precision Rider Rodeo

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