Precision Rider Motor Skills Training

Classes taught at our new  Civilian Top Gun Training Center. Register by selecting the link below.


Precision Rider Motor Skills courses taught at our new Civilian Top Gun Training Center at

225 Self Storage at 13790 E Mississippi, Aurora 80012. Mississippi & just west of I-225.


3-4 hour class – $150.00

Become a Top Rider – Increase Your Motor Skills

This Precision Rider class helps to increase skill and confidence in tight spots and turning situations like parking lots, driveways, u-turns and increase your comfort levels in turns as a whole. Learn tips for maneuvering in parking lots below 10 m.p.h. so you no longer do the silly, little things that result in a downed bike.

The course is taught on your bike, by instructors skilled in both precision riding techniques and training methods.

This Precision Rider Motor Skills Class Will Cover:

  • Friction Zone – using it to maintain control at slow speeds
  • Importance of head and eyes in turning and leaning
  • Keeping feet up at all times bike in motion
  • Stop & Go practice
  • Balance at slow speeds
  • Turning on your motorcycle at slow speed in tight spots

or take the next step with a more advanced Civilian Top Gun Rider Training Clinic

If you are interested in registering for a Civilian Top Gun Motor Skills class, please call 303.433.9424 or visit our riding school registration page.


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