Precision Rider Motor Skills Training

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Gateway High School (S Sable & Mississippi, Aurora)

3-4 hour class – $150.00

Become a Top Rider – Increase Your Motor Skills

This Precision Rider class helps to increase skill and confidence in tight spots and turning situations like parking lots, driveways, u-turns and increase your comfort levels in turns as a whole. Learn tips for maneuvering in parking lots below 10 m.p.h. so you no longer do the silly, little things that result in a downed bike.

The course is taught on your bike, by instructors skilled in both precision riding techniques and training methods.

This Precision Rider Motor Skills Class Will Cover:

  • Friction Zone – using it to maintain control at slow speeds
  • Importance of head and eyes in turning and leaning
  • Keeping feet up at all times bike in motion
  • Stop & Go practice
  • Balance at slow speeds
  • Turning on your motorcycle at slow speed in tight spots

or take the next step with a more advanced Civilian Top Gun Rider Training Clinic

For higher speed cornering,we offer two Lee Parks Total Control advanced riding technique classes:
Lee Parks Advanced Riding Technique Classes Level I
Lee Parks Advanced Riding Technique Classes Level II

If you are interested in registering for a Civilian Top Gun Motor Skills class, please call 303.433.9424 or visit our riding school registration page.


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