Improve your riding future

Civilian Top Gun Academy

Intro to Precision Rider Motorskills

As a rider you will never stop learning

what you need to know about Becoming a Top Gun Level Rider

You have your motorcycle endorsement.

You have been riding your bike regularly, or you may have just upgraded to a bigger machine and want to become more comfortable on that bike.

You are ready to ride beyond the basics!

The first step to sharper skills at any speed is becoming comfortable at slower speeds.

Four hours that are all about you riding your bike…no classroom, no testing, no kidding!

main key features about this class

Introduction to Precision Riding is designed to get you started by focusing on the motor skills needed to demonstrate control on your bike.

Improve your Riding Experience

Develop optimal Throttle, Brake, Clutch and Body Position control
Learn Slow Speed Maneuvers for High Speed Control
Build your confidence


Senior Trainer and Program Manager

Bob ucman

Former motor officer  and motor officer trainer now the manager and Senior Instructor for T3RG Motorcycle Schools Civilian Top Gun Riding Academy

this course :

is hard work

Has Amazing results

and is fun and healthy

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08:00 - 12:00
225 Self Storeage

important things

This course is the first course in a 4 part series called the Civilian Top Gun Academy. This class was designed for seasoned riders (1000 recent riding miles) wishing to take their riding skills to the ultimate civilian top gun level. 

You will need a DOT or Snell approved 3/4 or full-face helmet, full finger gloves,  sturdy boots that cover your ankle bones, long sleeves and sturdy jeans, and glasses.  You will wear them if using a 3/4 helmet or when riding with your face plate lifted using a full face helmet.

When you register for class you pay to secure your spot.

We have trained riders from 15 to 80. If you have any concerns call the office at 303-433-9424

We have many advanced classes that take you from being an average rider to the ultimate level of a Civilian Top Gun rider. Those include:

    1. Intro to Precision Riding
    2. Fundamentals of Precision Riding
    3. Advanced Precision Riding
    4. Applied Precision Riding Riding

The courses must be taken in sequence as the skills taught in each are pre-requisite to the following course.

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Won’t Happen In One Day

don't give up with out trying