T3RG Master Instructor

Steve Rainey

Need encouragement? Steve will motivate you!

Steve's resaon for teaching

I am an avid motorcycle enthusiast so I enjoy all things motorcycles and being around them.  Teaching the course helps for me reinforce good riding skills and strategies.  Riding the demos helps me stay sharp on the bike and also to know the latest from MOST/MSF and practice those on my bike as well.  

Secondly, I think it is a valuable service to the motorcycling community.  I think the incremental progression through the range exercises makes a big difference for new riders, and I am personally satisfied to see folks who don’t know a clutch from a brake lever being able to ride competently after they finish.

Combines my enjoyment of people with my enjoyment of motorcycles.
Steve Raney

“the joy of riding increases with the mastery of the bike, the development of your talent and is achieved by your commitment to lifelong learning as a rider”

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