Women Only Classes – Locations

Do you want more individual attention in a small class setting? If you have the persistence, we have the skilled instructors.

Women-Only classes

September 19 & 20

 at Rangeview High School

17599 E Iliff Ave,  Aurora 80013

Call today. 303 433-9424

Classes Held at

  1. Greenwood Village at Fay Myers Motorcycle World, Arapahoe & Dayton Sun & Mon every week 
  2. Pickens Technical College, 500 Airport Blvd, Aurora Sat & Sun classes

Register for a Women Only Class by Calling 303-433-9424

Women Motorcyclists happier than those who don’t ride

Harley-Davidson commissioned a study that says women who ride their own motorcycle are happier than those who don’t. Conducted by Kelton, a global insight firm, from May 20-28, 2013, the study interviewed 1013 adult female riders and 1016 adult female non-riders. “The findings make it clear that riding a motorcycle greatly improves a woman’s feelings of overall self-worth,” Harley- Davidson announced.

More than half of the respondents cited their motorcycle as a source of happiness, and 74% said their lives have improved since they started riding. In addition to positively impacting a woman’s sense of self, the results indicate that riding a motorcycle may improve their relationships.

“Women riders report better communication with their significant other (60% versus 38%) and better physical intimacy (51% versus 35%). Stress causes tension between partners, but since more than a third (34%) of women riders report that they feel less stressed after starting to ride, it is not surprising that 50% of them are extremely satisfied with the state of their relationships”, the company stated.

Maybe that is why giving the gift of a motorcycle safety class brings out such smiles!

Study published December 27, 2013 on Dealernews.com

Learn to Ride Like The Best

Denver based T3RG Motorcycle Schools often gets requests for motorcycle classes for women-only. Since we are a woman owned company, we take pride in offering classes for women and information on motorcycles for women.

Give the office a call at 303.433.9424 and we can help you get enrolled in a women only motorcycle class or set you up with an exclusive class of friends.

Motorcycle Safety For Women

Female anatomy and sensibilities vary from men. It is important to get a correctly fitted and comfortable motorcycle to assure motorcycle safety for women.

Your braking skills will be refined in the course. Every exercise you learn is critical in real life riding situations that include danger, from the pressure of highway traffic to the menace of drivers who ‘just don’t see motorcycles’ on the road.

Register for Motorcycle for Women Classes Now by Calling 303-433-9424

“My husband got a slot for me in one of the classes taught by Wendy Kunz. I was somewhat apprehensive about taking the course as I have ZIP-ZERO-ZILCH experience with motorcycles. I completed the course yesterday and Wendy did a fabulous job. She had mixed experience in the group and she met me where I was and taught me everything I needed to know. At the end of the course, I was confident in being able to operate a motorcycle. Thank you so much for the services you offer.”  Julie F

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