Michael Fales

Michael has been riding motorcycles for 38 years. He did a lot of his growing up in Atlantic Beach, Florida. His dad was an instructor on B52’s during the Vietnam war.  Michael learned a great deal about how accomplishing things makes a person better for the experience.  That is why he has been teaching for 16 years, to show people how to accomplish the task of becoming an excellent and safe rider.  He has taken several advanced riding classes, Total Control being just one of them.  He is primarily a touring rider on his 1988 Honda Gold Wing.  He and his son take rides and enjoy seeing the different parts of Colorado.

His other job, which he has been doing for 31 years, is doing repairs and maintenance on printing presses and anything that has to do with the graphic arts industry.  He is also a part time ski instructor at Loveland ski area. He is certified to be a children’s specialist and as befitting someone who loves to teach, he is one of the staff trainers at the ski area.

Michael Fales Precision Riders with Pam