Mary Melick


Hello, my name is Mary Melick.  I’m a Colorado Native currently living in Northern Colorado.  I have been riding since August of 2002. My first bike was a 2002 V-star 650 Classic, after 47,000 miles I bought my first Harley, a 2006 Road King.  In July 2009 I was hit while riding my Road King.  I suffered fairly serious injuries, but have recovered fully.  I knew I was meant to ride, so there was no way I was going to stop riding. I had too many things I wanted to do in life that involved riding. That’s when I bought my 2009 Road King and 49,000 miles later I bought Blue Bayou, my 2014 Street Glide.

Advanced skills interested me so I began taking classes.  It was something that interested me to give me more confidence at slower speeds.  In 2014 I had enough confidence to compete in the T3RG 2014 Civilian Top Gun Competition; I was the only woman competing. It felt great to hold my own with the men.  These skills have by far made me a better rider.

My favorite event every year is Run for the Wall.  This annual event has three routes making their way across the nation for 10 days to converge on Washington D.C., over Memorial Day weekend. The event promotes healing of our veterans and remembers our POW/MIA’s.  This is not an event for the novice; we ride in tight formation. Precision Riding Skills are needed to ride with this group as there are upwards of 400 bikes in these tight formations.

My goal is to teach other riders to improve their confidence and abilities to ride in all situations. Because I believe you can never stop learning. I have found that I have more fun on my motorcycle now that I know how to handle it properly. My hope is to help someone else improve enough that they begin to have more fun on their bike, also.

I enjoy riding more than I could have ever dreamed I would.  The wind, the freedom, and the power beneath me lifts me up to a level unmatched by anything.