Julie-Anne Ivary AKA Jewlz

Jewlz Ivary

Jewlz has been riding motorcycles of various types since she was about 17 years old – with a few years off here and there to have children (since a Jetson-type bubble top side-car thing for the kids wasn’t really in the budget).

Jewlz has always been one of those women with control issues who isn’t very good at just sitting on the back of a bike and looking pretty!  She’s just a tad too outspoken and self-confident for that.  She wants to take life by the handlebars and ride it to the fullest!  Looking for new roads and trails and new challenges for riding has become more of a passion than just a hobby.

Whether it be her big Harley Fat Boy or her little Kawasaki dirt bike or anything in between, Jewlz is all about 2-wheels and being in the wind.

Now that the kids are grown up and moved out, Jewlz wants to help give other women the opportunity to learn about the freedom of the road.  Women riders are a fast growing demographic group!  She wants to help women be safer, faster, hotter, better riders than they ever thought possible, because really – there is nothing better than a happy girl on her bike!!!

Someday she hopes to tend a garden