J. Bryan Lape

Bryan has been riding motorcycles for most of his life. As a kid, he rode mini-bikes and dirt bikes in Tennessee. Somewhere during college, he picked up a street bike for the economy of it.  Over the years has moved up through bigger bikes and today he rides a Honda Gold Wing.  This allows him to tour the different part of the United States and Canada in comfort.  Motorcycles have been a big part of this life and that of his family.  His three kids have all been riders at one time and his wife has her own Gold Wing F6B.  Together they travel on two wheels- the opportunity is there!

Bryan has been active in the local Gold Wing riders’ group for several years.  One of the things he has always focused on is Safety and Training.  He has been teaching Advanced Rider Courses for his Gold Wing group for the past four years and has been an MSF instructor teaching new riders for the past three years.  In fact, he and his wife always take at least one motorcycle safety course each year to keep their skills sharp.   In addition to his training, Bryan is a strong believer in wearing All the Gear, All the Time.  

One of the things Bryan enjoys with teaching, is building good skills for the new riders from the ground up. “If new motorcycle riders have a solid base of skills when they first start out, they will always improve as they continue to ride.  This lets them ride, build memories and friends and have another opportunity to ride again!”