T3RG Motorcycle School F.A.Q.’s

Do I have to own a motorcycle to take the BRCU class?

No, we provide the motorcycles or scooters, (your choice) and helmets needed for the Basic Rider Course (BRCU). The code for your eCourse to be completed online and the workbook required to complete homework prior to day one of class is also provided, (not the DMV book), as are both tests required by DMV to receive the motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license.

If you know how to ride, own a bike and want some practice before you are tested for the Motorcycle endorsement, you may want to consider registering for the BRCU2. One day, eCourse required, classroom portion is 3 hours and the rest is riding practice. We do NOT provide a motorcycle.

I am very short (or very tall). Will you have a motorcycle that fits me?

Our motorcycle fleet includes a combination of styles and models. Most are standard style 250cc engine sized bikes. The fleet includes Honda Rebels, Suzuki GX250’s, Suzuki GZ250’s, Kawasaki Z125 and Suzuki TU 250’s, as well as a number of dual purpose bikes that fit taller riders. We cannot guarantee that one of our bikes will fit every rider, especially if you are shorter than 5′ or taller than 6’6″. We suggest you call the office to discuss bike options before completing registration. We may recommend that you go to a dealership and sit on the model of bike you are likely to have in the class. Unless you are able to sit on the bike with your feet touching the ground comfortably, (balancing as you sit), you will not be able to complete the course on our bike.

What if I want to ride my motorcycle in the class?

You cannot participate in the (BRCU) Basic RiderCourse™ on a bike with an engine larger than 350cc´s. We do have classes for experienced riders to earn your endorsement that require you to ride your own motorcycle, called the (BRC2U) Basic RiderCourse 2™. The instruction includes taking evasive action to avoid motorists, dealing with road hazards and riding on the street. Call today for more information about the (BRC2U) Basic RiderCourse 2™.

I cannot ride a bicycle, can I still learn to ride a motorcycle?

The one prerequisite for taking the (BRCU)  BasicRider Course™ is that you are able to ride a bicycle. If you have never ridden, or are unsure of whether you can still ride, get your hands on a bike to refresh your memory about what it feels like.

What happens is if snows or rains on the day we are supposed to go out on the range?

We ride weather permitting.

We have your safety as our first priority, so we schedule make up days in the event the weather requires a cancellation. We do however ride in the rain. We use the opportunity to train you to ride in the rain because, you eventually will need those skills. The skills are easy to learn and you will be glad you did.

Am I guaranteed to automatically pass the class?

No. We are certifying to the state that you have the requisite skills to ride safely on the road. Therefore, you will not pass unless you are able to demonstrate adequate skills during the riding evaluation.

If I do not pass may I retake the class?

If you do not pass the first time, you may return and retake a portion of the course. How much of the course you retake will be recommended by your instructor. There is a fee to retake the class, based upon how much of the session you are suggested to retake in order to reach the objective and pass the class.

Can I get a refund?

No. T3RG classes are in high demand. The classes are small and our instructors are paid for the students on the roster. If you give us 24 hours notice we will be happy to reschedule you at no charge. If you do not show up for a class, are not prepared with the eCourse or homework done in advance, or do not have your required gear, you will be sent home and forfeit your tuition. There is a fee to reschedule. This is a serious sport requiring adult-like behaviors for your safety and the safety of others.

What happens if I am late for class?

If you arrive late for either day and instructor determines that you have missed an important or significant portion of class, you will not be allowed to attend the session. There is a fee to reschedule that is determined by your circumstances and T3RG company policy. The reschedule fee is always less than the original tuition fee. Tuition is non-refundable.

What if I need to change date for my class?

Class date changes with more than 24 hours in advance will be made at no charge.

I want to give a gift certificate for a course. Are gift certificates offered, and how do I arrange for it? 

Yes, we offer gift certificates in any amount for all the courses offered at T3RG. Call the office 303 433-9424 to discuss which course you want to pay for…just be sure the person you are buying it for wants to learn to ride or learn to ride better before you make the arrangement. It is a good idea to ask them first before purchasing.

If you are interested in registering for a class, please call 303.433.9424 or visit our registration page

for the course you want to register for.