Duke Chandler- Instructor Emeritus

Duke passed away quietly on April 28, 2015 after a long and valiant struggle with cancer. We will miss him!

I got my first motorcycle endorsement in CA (1970) during my time in the Navy (Vietnam). Whenever I was on US soil I would ride every chance I could on any bike I could. When I was discharged, I longed for the breeze in my hair, and riding on a motorcycle was the best land based activity I could hope for. After riding many used motorcycles, my first new bike purchase was a 1975 Norton Commando. That motorcycle has been with me everywhere. I cherished having it till last year when I sold it to a collector, and now I cherish the idea that others will see it as it was when I bought it! I have ridden many different motorcycles over the years, everything from British to American; today I ride a Harley Davidson Ultra Classic. I am proud that my sons and soon my grandsons will enjoy motorcycles, as much as I have.

In 2001 I took my love of motorcycles to the next level and became a motorcycle instructor here in Colorado. I enjoy this aspect of motorcycles as much as I do riding, because I have a hands-on relationship with our future motorcyclists. It is the biggest joy to see new students’ enthusiasm and excitment for getting their ‘M’ endorsement. After years of teaching, I continue to have motorcyclists thank me and tell me that I was their instructor, and that they love riding their motorcycle and find joy in the sport. Every year I challenge my wife with a lesson from my class curriculum so as to keep both of us up to date on skills. To me this is not a job but a joy that continues with every new class.

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