Derek Kunz

Derek is originally from Southern California where he learned to off road ride at the age of 5.  He was fully endorsed in an Off-road class at the age of 6.  Whether riding in the dirt or in the sand, his love for riding started young.  When old enough, he earned his street license by taking the MSF class and continues his learning by taking additional classes and practices every time he rides.   He has over 26 years of riding experience and has been an instructor since 2006. Although Derek can and does ride all types of motorcycles, his main ride is an R1.

Derek is a single father to a 4 year old boy who will be introduced to riding this summer.  Derek and Levi ride off road together, now is the time for him to learn and ride himself. Derek’s  entire family rides and his mother is also an MSF street and dirt bike instructor.

Derek has a passion for riding and for teaching all levels of riders, from beginning to experienced riders, everyone can always be a better rider and practice every time you are on a bike will make you a better rider.  Improving and learning is an everyday experience.





derek kunz