Dave Miles

Dave started his motorcycling career 23 years ago kicking cones for his father, who was an MSF Instructor.  He learned a great deal from helping his dad, which prepared him to start being an instructor in 1992 at Peterson AFB, CO.  At Lajes Field, Azores he helped re-activate the base motorcycle safety classes. He has also taught classes in California and Louisiana.    After a couple of deployments due to 9/11, he was back teaching Robins AFB.   Soon he was a RiderCoach leader at Robins AFB, driving a range/classroom move and developing quality control measures for all instructors to meet.

In July, 2008, he retired from the Air Force and returned back to Denver.  Dave has been working with T3RG for the last 6 years.  He really enjoys coaching students to be their best and having fun in his classes.  He is very interested in attending a RiderCoach Trainer class, so he can pass his knowledge on to newer RiderCoaches.

Dave Miles photo 2014