Darrel Raney

darrel raney photo

Darrel Raney started riding motorcycles when his father, Steve, decided that he had ridden to Sturgis without him enough times.  So, Darrel then found himself learning how to ride in the very classes he now teaches.

Every year, he delights in putting over a thousand miles on either or both of his motorcycles and enjoys doing much of the mechanical maintenance work… from the routine to the advanced. The highlight of his motorcycling travels so far was a 3,400 mile, 10-day journey on the west coast that took him across 9 state lines with his riding crew.

Darrel has always been interested in teaching. He feels that in teaching he also has the perfect opportunity to learn from his students. He looks forward to every interaction with future riders and helping them achieve their goals. Darrel hopes that he imparts to every one of the students in his classes that safe riding is a choice that rests in their hands.