Damian Dobosz

Damian has been riding since the early 90’s.  He became an instructor in 1995 because he figured that the best way to be a safe rider and be prepared for anything on the road was to be teaching safety.  He has taught the Basic Rider Course, the Experienced Rider Course and is going to become certified to teach the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics.  He discovered that he loves sharing the experience of motorcycling with others and helping to make them better riders. He appreciates how much he learns from his students about the various aspects of motorcycling, as well as being introduced to methods for teaching and communicating with different people.

During his almost 24 years of riding, he took an advanced riding class and got hooked on racing.  He raced for a number of years, accumulating more than 20,000 miles on the race track, consistently finishing in the Top 5 – 10 in most of his races. He is no longer an active racer. He has ridden from Michigan, his hometown, to Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina many times, as well as many miles in the Colorado Mountains.  He commutes six months of the year to work as a Senior Software Architect.


Damian Dobosz RoadAtlanta