Civilian Top Gun Gallery- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Civilian Top Gun Rider Training courses are now available in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, taught by Dr. Abdullah Ashour, the only Civilian Top Gun Training instructor certified by T3RG Motorcycle Schools. His school- Asure Civilian Top Gun Training-is duly licensed and approved by T3RG to teach their proprietary Civilian Top Gun Rider Training.

Dr Ashour is a very known individual with his exceptional skills among the bikers community in Saudi. I was inspired by him to join the training at first to enhance my slow riding skills and bike handling on low speeds. The training added much more to my skills than I expected.
1- enhance the use of my visual sight to creat awareness of my surroundings
2- on slow speeds I feel like a pro around those cones and ready to go around them with confidence
3- better use of my breaking skills actually iv never thought I would explore this side of my bike the way I did in the course which helped me realize the capacity and limits of my brakes
All-in-all this course is a must for all bikers and definitely I will take another one as a refresher or if I changed my bike.
Regards, Rakan Al Sharekh