Civilian Top Gun Rider Training Clinic 2

One day format

Civilian Top Gun Rider Training: Higher Speed Braking and Evasion- Level 2

Single Day Clinic – Higher Speed Braking & Evasion 6 hours, $225

First session of 2017 is July 22 & 23 at the new Civilian Top Gun Training Center

225 Self Storage at 13790 E Mississippi, Aurora, 80012.

Register for both sessions and save $400 for both days

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Civilian Top Gun Rider Courses Give You Confidence

The Civilian Top Gun Rider Training Academy 2 is a very demanding, slow-speed training course designed to increase your confidence as a rider by teaching many of the skills used by professional motorcycle police who must rely on their skill to stay alive.

Your braking skills will be refined in the course. Every exercise you learn is critical for real life riding situations that include danger, from the pressure of highway traffic to the menace of drivers who ‘just don’t see motorcycles’ on the road. You will have a much better understanding of your limits as a rider, so that you may practice the skills you need to improve upon for years to come.

Higher speed braking, swerving and evasive maneuvering exercises

Day 2 introduces higher speed drills, still focusing on precision and control. Riders learn how to maximize the use of all controls on the motorcycle. The throttle, clutch, front brake, rear brake and body placement are all incorporated into the riding exercises. The exercises will include higher speed braking exercises, high speed swerves and evasive maneuvers that the Police riders use every day.

Timed runs of simulated traffic problems. Emergency stop, swerve, and quick turns in small spaces.

Riders combine all the riding skills from earlier exercises and maneuvers and ride through simulated traffic problems. The clinic includes timed runs. Included in this final session are emergency stops, swerving to avoid obstacles, quick turns in small spaces.

Why take a Civilian Top Gun Rider Training Class?

This course is ideal for riders who recognize the value of lifelong learning as a motorcycle enthusiast.

  • If you can’t stop in an emergency without skidding …you may be ready for this course.
  • If riding near other vehicles and motorcycles makes you nervous…you may be ready for this course.
  • If maneuvering at speedin tight spots means losing control…you may be ready for this course. Never be intimidated on the road again. .
  • If you are ready to get the best out of your motorcycling experience…you may be ready for this course…and it is the most fun you can have on a motorcycle, legally!

Civilian Top Gun – Student Requirements

All students must provide their own motorcycle and have at least one year of riding experience. For students with less than two years of experience, it is advised (though not required) that they have completed an MSF ERC or BRC-2. Protective gear is required for all students, which includes a DOT-approved helmet (full-face recommended), motorcycle jacket and riding pants or chaps, gloves and boots that cover the ankles. Jeans and fingerless gloves are not allowed, but Kevlar jeans will be accepted.

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