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Civilian Top Gun Academy

Advanced Precision Riding

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Too many accident reconstruction reports include the statement: no evidence of rider taking evasive action.

Don`t be that rider statistic!

High speed riding, highway traffic, and winding mountain roads require quick reflexes and short reaction times to maintain control of a powerful machine like yours.

The advanced exercises in this four-hour session are designed to bring that lesson home. It includes a braking and evasion maneuver that will likely save your life in one of those unexpected challenges on the road.

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After a quick review of the fundamentals, you will be introduced to and practice:

Improve your Riding Experience

Develop optimal control in emergency situations
Learn and practice safety maneuvers to save your life
Build your confidence

Nothing could be truer to life than these exercises!


Senior Trainer and Program Manager

Bob ucman

Former motor officer  and motor officer trainer now the manager and Senior Instructor for T3RG Motorcycle Schools Civilian Top Gun Riding Academy

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08:00 - 12:00
225 Self Storage East
Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO 80012

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This course is the third in a 4 part series called the Civilian Top Gun Academy. This class was designed for advanced riders having completed the Fundamentals of Precision Riding course and wishing to take their riding skills to the ultimate Civilian Top Gun level. 

You will need a DOT or Snell approved 3/4 or full-face helmet, full finger gloves,  sturdy boots that cover your ankle bones, long sleeves and sturdy jeans, and glasses.  You will wear them if using a 3/4 helmet or when riding with your face plate lifted using a full face helmet.

When you register for class you pay to secure your spot.

We have trained riders from 15 to 80. If you have any concerns call the office at 303-433-9424

We have many advanced classes that take you from being an average rider to the ultimate level of a Civilian Top Gun rider. Those include:

    1. Intro to Precision Riding
    2. Fundamentals of Precision Riding
    3. Advanced Precision Riding
    4. Applied Precision Riding Riding

The courses must be taken in sequence as the skills taught in each are pre-requisite to the following course.

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