300 series: Advanced Bystander Assistance Course – Locations

Accident Scene Management – Basic & Advanced T3RG no longer offers the Accident Scene Management courses. Go to the link for referral to Colleen Vetere and Tyke Barham…they are the best!

Contact Colleen Vetere at colleen@accidentscene.org.

100 series: A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist™ – Basic

300 series: Advanced Bystander Assistance – Advanced

Accident Scene Safety and Training

badgeWhy take an Accident Scene Management (ASMI) class? Because, the person most often first on the scene is another rider and if you ride with someone you care about, you want to know what to do to minimize injuries and reduce fatalities. Other riders can have a positive impact on survival rates at a motorcycle crash if they have been trained on what to do. Ride captains and group riders have powerful tools after taking an ASMI course. Bystanders in the vicinity of an accident can assist in securing the scene, making it easier for EMS professionals when they arrive.

ASMI classes put the power of saving lives in your hands; you will know what to do to help keep crash victims alive waiting for the ambulance.

Accident Scene Management Courses

Our Accident Scene Management courses include second of training appropriate for non-medical or emergency professionals:

300 series: Advanced Bystander Assistance – Advanced

This course is only available to those who have completed a 100 series class or refresher within the past two years. It is best taken as close as possible to Basic training.

This course will prepare the student for roadside medical concerns and teach how to be a better assistant to the EMS when they arrive. Hands on skills give emphasis to PACT & ABCSS of trauma.

Goals and Objectives of Accident Scene Management Safety:

The purpose of the Bystander Assistance Programs is to enhance the survival rate and reduce severity of injuries for riders of all motorized vehicles. The ASMI trained rider or driver will decrease the chance of rescuer injury caused by inappropriate actions at the accident scene. The ASMI educated motorist knows how to protect themselves legally and financially in the event of an accident involving a motorcycle, car, truck or any vehicle.

The ASMI program is directed toward the assessment and treatment of the injured as well as how to safely administer care. ASMI courses teach accident scene management and discuss the legal aspects of an accident. These courses provide participants with a heightened awareness of:

  • Accessing the EMS
  • Mechanisms of Injury
  • Securing the Accident Scene
  • Safety Factors
  • Assessment and Treatment Techniques
  • Injuries Associated With Motor Vehicle Trauma
  • Preservation of the Accident Scene
  • Adequate Insurance Needs and Terminology

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