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When looking to get a motorcycle endorsement, take a motorcycle safety class or  improve their motorcycle skills, potential customers often ask us why we’re different, why we’re better… We are better because we are different!

We are different by intent. Our people are different, our culture is different, our hiring process is different, our instructor development program is different, our pricing is different, our delivery and execution model is different, and our use of technology is different. But most, importantly our results are different.

Because of that, your student experience is different. There is a certitude of execution that exists here like nowhere else in the industry. While other schools compete with each other – we compete against ourselves – and that is a huge difference. 

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Outstanding Coaches

Our instructors are hand-picked, the best trained and the most loved of all instructors in the state

Best in Class Courses

Our endorsement courses are the latest updated curriculum from
the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and our skill development courses are a series called Civilian Top Gun Academy, four proprietary courses developed at T3RG and taught exclusively by former Motor Officer Trainers

Best training fleet in Colorado

We have the best maintained motorcycles in Colorado. And 50% of our bikes are new each year

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