Abdullah Ashour

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Dr Abdullah Ashour- Civilian Top Gun Rider Training Instructor

Abdullah Ashour is a Consulting Orthopaedic Surgeon in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, specializing in Adult Reconstructive Surgery & prosthetic joints of the hips, knees and shoulders. He practices at the Military Hospital in Riyadh. His wife is an ENT surgeon and they have 3 amazing children.

Abdullah has always been drawn to sport cars, and he has a great passion for old school motorbikes, especially the Harley Davidsons. For years he kept watch on the sport from a distance, not sure whether he should become a rider and indulge his fascination.

Finally, in January 2013, he learned to ride and bought his first Harley Davidson Fatboy.

Abdullah decided that riding had more to it than just joining a group of friends and cruising along. Recognizing the hazards that surround every motorcyclist on the road, he decided to try to master slow riding techniques as a way to improve his handling and control over the bike in emergency situations and ultimately improve his high speed riding skills. He attended a couple of local training classes in Riyadh and practiced alone almost on a weekly basis in a vacant parking lot. He always felt that his riding sophistication level could be improved by continuous practice and rider training and pushing the bike to the limit.

Abdullah entered the M.E.N.A (Middle East North Africa) advanced skill competition held in Abu Dhabi in December 2013 and won 1st place after less than a year of riding experience!

In January 2014 he decided he wanted to teach advanced skill riding maneuvers to students in the gulf and he applied to T3RG Motorcycle Schools to attend an intense, customized, three week instructor course to become certified in the Civilian Top Gun Rider Training Course. He was mentored by Bob Ucman, who is the lead Civilian Top Gun instructor at T3RG, and he earned his international certification as a Civilian Top Gun Rider Training instructor in May, 2014.

Since then, Dr. Ashour has offered a few advanced skill classes in Riyadh to high praise from students. He recognized that there were many motorcyclists eager to improve their riding skills. Abdullah and Bob remain in contact to improve the Civilian Top Gun curriculum and share their experiences with different riding skills & maneuvers. The intention is to share teaching experience and enhance teaching methods and updates for conducting the classes in a way that is easy, enjoyable and safe for all types of students.

Dr. Ashour has signed a license agreement to be the 1st International instructor certified to offer the T3RG Civilian Top Gun training outside the U.S. through his company, Asure Civilian Top Gun Training. The first international classes will be offered starting December 12th, 2014.

Abdullah’s innate curiosity and love of knowledge carried over into his riding life when he recently bought a BMW K1600 GTL Exclusive in his ongoing quest to understand and experience different motorcycle technologies.

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